Dear Your Friends @ Medium, Error Reporting…

Hey, guys. Thanks for all you do.

I’m experiencing an error. Just curious if it’s localized or if other publications are experiencing something similar.

It’s like this…

For this publication:

When I go down to the bottom and try to look at “All stories >” I get this error:

Oh, them Google people. Such wits.

I’m perusing other publications and it looks like, as a reader/writer and not as a publication owner, other publications aren’t having similar issues.

Might be an issue with jus’ my account? Or jus’ my publication? Localized breakouts aren’t as bad as plagues, amirite?

Anywho, whenever you can get to it… Thanks.

Hoping this finds you how it’s leaving me: Remembering my favorite Power Rangers series.


— Oliver

p.s. It just occurred to me that you guys have IT support too. I might drop them a line as well. I’ll go ahead and post this, though, ’cause me da always told me that if I had a question then nine times out of nine someone else in class would have one too.

Thanks again.

— O

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