Really? I disagree.
A Ennis

I agree with all your points. I forgot that self-awareness has slightly different connotations depending on the school of thought using the term.

I agree with what you say about self-awareness being a goal in itself. We should all seek higher awareness of self. I think that use of the term “self-awareness” is spiritual. I strive for it every day.

When I used it, I meant it in a kind…I don’t know, biological way, maybe. I used the term “self-awareness” to mean that phenomenon by which it would seem we humans are capable of self-reflection and self-analysis. And, at the same time, self-doubt, self-importance, and self-consciousness. That is the use of self-awareness I meant. In that sort of context of our ability to self-reflect, it would seem that our capacity to be aware of self would be the source of things like sadness and arrogance and wrath.

Perhaps other species have an ability to self-reflect. I don’t know. And perhaps other animals have arrogance and depression and similar. I don’t know. But it would seem that we humans are alone in those area.

Not sure if I made myself more clear or went more confusing.