I feel I missed out on seeing bands at their peak… but then, Rage and Pearl Jam in 94 were pretty…

I am inclined more and more to get behind this idea of hipster-douche Kirk. I might need to write that fanfic.

Now, let me ask you a thing: Do you think that you’ve really missed out on all the good fun to have since you missed out on the pivotal-relevant bands from back in the day at their peak? I sometimes think about that, but I haven’t even seen any of the relevant bands in their waning days. I’ve only seen the current scene. I sometimes feel like I missed out on the only important culture ever, and music culture has pretty much been riding the energy of the ’80s without making anything relevant since the Black Crowes took all the humor out of punk and seemed to open the gates from Ugly Mustache Land. (An exaggeration. I think I like the Black Crowes. Never bothered to try them till right now. I always identified them as one of the ancient gods of hipsters. Might be off the mark with that one, though.)

So I sometimes feel like, even though you can find good music still, there hasn’t been anything relevant since the punk wave, and we’ve kind of been on reruns, spin-offs, and reboots for twenty-five years. Am I just not adventuring enough? Or does that kind of jive?

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