The goat joke isn’t ready.
Chaz Hutton

I love this one. I’m writing a novel about a stand-up comedian who constantly commits that cardinal sin of spending too much time analyzing his humor. As a result, he doesn’t get a lot of laughs.

It’s cool to read this, though. I’ve KIND of done some stand up comedy before, which means I haven’t but I did once stand up and make some people laugh by talking at them, so that’s sort of similar. Plus, I have lots of experience of standing up and trying to make people laugh and just, you know, not.

My point is, I’ve never had any real experience of what it feels like to do a set that just feels like a grind. Not your actual experience. But what it was, right? Is I wrote my idea of what it must be like a lot like this story you’ve told.

So…that’s something. Not sure what, but definitely something.