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I shall mos’ definitely take you up on that. I’ve been doin’ a bit of research into “best practices of the casting of pods,” as it were, an’ I think I’ll be embracing as many editing tools and organizational tools as I can master.

This firs’ one I finished recording it and uploaded it to soundcloud literally that moment without listening to it, jus’ because I knew that if I tried to “do it right” as it were for this firs’ one then I’d continue dawdlin’ and delayin’ till the full synthesis of magic and technology rendered human interaction into the garnish that the fairy robots will probably render it to…

Sorry about that. That metaphor kind of got away from me. Lost my train of thought for a second.

Anyway, I knew that I needed to take this first step fast, just to break myself into the idea of it. Now that I have…well, the whole thing feels far more happenable than it did last Friday.

I shall mos’ definitely take you up on that, Thin Man. I hope that you get twitchy enough with your own impulse to cast pods to get it happening too. I’d listen to your cast pods.

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