I love everything about this essay but I don’t yet know why.
I love everything about this essay but I don’t yet know why.
Gerard Mclean

I think I know why. Has everything to do with that “soul” thing. Can’t put words to soul things, not good words. You jus’ got to feel it and be sure of it.

Hermione wrote a backwards story and in so doing demonstrated the point of story, I think in a mos’ exquisite fashion. The point of story is emotional transportation. Seeing as language is inherently descriptive, all us plebs have to resort to descriptive tools to attempt to simulate emotional transportation. I think she achieved emotional transportation.

I ain’t describing it right, thereby demonstrating the shortcomings of language that it looks like you’re noticing.

Because I think what you loved about it is that you loved it. That’s what I loved about it. All the stuff that wasn’t said but that still was there, the stuff I know is there even though I can’t point at any of it.

Which doesn’t bother me. That’s a good deal of what I love about people too. My girlfriend sometimes asks me why I’m smiling at her. And I know why, but my mind goes blank when she asks sometimes, and not because I know why less, but mostly because that liking transcends words, ’cause it ain’t always something I can describe that I’m seeing when I look at her.

I don’t know… That’s what I saw in Hermione’s story there.

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