If you don’t really respect a genre or understand it’s underpinnings tho, you might not be good at it.
Kindra J. F.

I was afraid I’d sounded like that. That was a rhetorical mistake on my part.

I do respect it, the good stuff anyhow. And I usually understand the underpinnings, at least from a reader’s perspective. I read a story about a semi driver who’d gotten in an accident, and now he was healing from it and commentating on how his life was different. I remember especially a scene when he was driving a sedan and feeling like he hardly had to participate in it.

I get it. I respect it. I think you’re right, though, and it isn’t something I’ll ever be good at doing. Never too good, anyway. I think because I have trouble enjoying it more than any other reason. If I don’t enjoy reading it, then I shall always have extra trouble enjoying the attempt to write it.

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