Is that like the journal with the notes for my novel I lost at Lowe’s last week?
See, you already have me at meta-materials.

It could be those.

Or it could be the one-or-two paragraph long thing on the back of the book to get my attention.

Or it could be what you’d tell your buddy to explain what you’re writing.

Or it could be the thirty-second-long pitch you’d give to the editor of your dreams if you met them in an elevator.

Or it could be the cover letter you’d send to a publisher to try and get their attention.

I wrote this thing:

It suits the requirements.


I’m thinking of it like this is a room full of fiction writers. We all get an opportunity to say,

“Hey! I’m writing about this. I could use some feedback.”

So write something that makes me go, “Oh, I like the sound of that. Tell me more.”

Additionally, I hope we can help each other get better at the sort of writing necessary, but annoying, to the writer’s life. Cover letter writing. Blurb writing. Slugline writing. Pitch writing. That style of thing.

That’s what I mean by meta-material.

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