Oliver Shiny
Charles Harry Mackenzie

Now, we have had a moment of empathy. I think you get me, and in telling me about it I feel like I get you. I’m basking in the psychic lay lines. Don’t know about you.

Had an instinct about you. Glad to see it’s proving.

Now that we’ve had our moment of empathy, I conjure we ought to turn our attention to the wider world. We get each other. This is good. We can rest confident knowing there’s someone out there getting us. That’s excellent. Now…to render that much respect to the rest of the lost souls. That’s the noblest adventure.

Side note, I think I’m actually a fairly normal-minded person because I get people. I don’t find them confusing. I find it easy to empathize with people. I figure that means I ain’t too far past nuts, really.

I think that I never developed much of a neurotic defensive veneer, is all, and that’s why I seem strange.

Still working that theory.

Today’s words of blessing: may your imagination spark and twist.

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