I was a journalism school dropout by the age of 18.

See, an’ I’m glad, ’cause I never developed a feeling of snobbishness. I think it’s cause me mum and dad would equally, and without comment on them, intersperse “important” books with jus’ good fun books, when I was growing up.

I don’t feel snobbish about my reading. I do feel picky, but only in some area of indefinable quality that I know when I feel it, although I can’t quite put it into words. Not yet. It’s one of my puzzles for myself, to explain what I just said…

Anyhow, I get what you’re saying. I love “just fun” reading. I think of all my books as “just fun.” I didn’t think highly of Catcher in the Rye, but I think that P.G. Wodehouse wrote some of the greatest literature of the last century. I didn’t enjoy, all though I respect, The Old Man and the Sea, and the The Killing Joke — a Batman comic book — nearly had me crying.

Yes…reading for the pleasure of it. Good.

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