The Best Relationship Advice In The World Is Not About Being In A Relationship At All

Soul Castle, part continued

Dear S Lynn Knight,

In an exercise of following my instincts, I’m sharing this idea.

Think about it like a short story collection, featuring lots of authors. Instead of fiction, it’s these personal stories on Medium here.

Pipe dream: They’re all in a book. Pipier dream: a printed one. More realistic dream: a kindle one.

Yours is the fourth so far that fits an emerging theme of self-actualization by understanding your relationships.

The earlier three are these:

By elizabeth tobey

By Gerard Mclean

By some guy

As of this moment, there’s not a plan or anything, and maybe this idea will never come to fruition with these particular stories. I figure it’s a good idea, though, this idea of a collaborative collection of stories. I figure it’s an idea worth sharing. I’m going to be putting some energy into it.

Hoping this finds you how it’s leaving me: preferring limes to lemons.


— Oliver