Play the long game.
You don’t learn anything from drafts
Ashley Read

That’s not playing the long game

That looks like forcing results. Pushing huge amounts of unpolished content sounds more like gaming the internet than like developing discipline. Perhaps you get higher numbers, but how sustainable are they? What do they actually mean? What connections do you truly develop? Those questions interest me more.

Forcing a flood of unconsidered, unedited, “content” sounds to me only mathematically rewarding. Although I think the prevailance of this content-forcing has been diluting all avenues of publishing. The market is flooded with shoddy stuff, which hurts all of us. Creating a surplus of anything, especially a huge surplus, and especially when most of the surplus is mediocre, causes significant drop in the value of each instance of whatever it is. A flood of cheap gas brings down the price of gas. A flood of cheap food brings down the price of food. A ton of cheap words brings down the value of wordz. That’s economics.

Might work for some people. Not my shine.

Taking the time and doing the drudging to produce whirlings to make you proud, taking the time for honesty and shrewdness and guile, that strikes me as a harder test of discipline. Can I brave the slow labor of hard work with gradual results? I am learning that I can, though ten years ago I don’t know if I would have said so.

Now I will. Down deep in my marrow, I know, and shall forever defend, the rewards of publicly unnoticed discipline.