Oliver Shiny: ah thanks for the tweet/trip down memory lane.
Charles Harry Mackenzie

The only track I know how to keep when I look at writing after a certain amount of time — maybe a few weeks — is to trust what other people think about it. After only a certain amount of time — maybe a few weeks — I am still too close to it to read it objectively and too far from it to understand that version of myself that read it. I try as hard as I can to trust what other people say about it instead, ’cause I can’t tell whether I had a coherent thought or if I was deluding myself. Other people can tell me; if they derived some meaning, even if it’s not the meaning I might have intended, then I did something right.

If I wait for a lot longer, then I can judge it for myself.

Might work for you too. I don’t know.

For my part, I thought you made sense writing that thingy.

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