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The way I see it, if publications work how they’re supposed to, then they’re providing “curated” stories. That appeals to the taste of some people sometimes, the option to read only “curated” stories. Edited, proved, vetted. However it happens, stories in publications are, ostensibly, vetted.

On ze ozzer hand, stories outside of publications might, possibly, be more “casual” possibly, more “social” possibly.

I think it might affect the aesthetic experience, more’n anything else.

If I had this feature, how I’d use it personally, I’d toggle it to “not in publications” when I wanted to socialize and find new connections and less-heard writers. Then I’d toggle it to “in publications” when I was doing research or looking up news or in some other way looking for an experience perhaps more magazine-ish or news-ish. Ish.

I see the different experiences as a little like the difference between attending the lecture or talking to your friends about it afterwards.