Crude oil found in the Lake Chad/Borno basin — NNPC

Crude oil was found in commercial quantity in 1956 in Oloibiri present day Bayelsa State NIGERIA. Years​ past of numerous activities in various oilwells​ both off sore and on sore but so little positive impact on infrastructure, social security nor economic development. Most of proceeds have hugely been misappropriated by leaders who ought to improve the lives of the citizens but rather leaving the host communities polluted,underdeveloped and vandalized.Crude oil has become more of a curse than blessing to present day NIGERIA owing to mismanagement, underutilization and inefficiency.Any development oriented regime would have put more effort on improving the oil and gas industry to a higher level of efficiency, returns, refining and end-user bye product utilization and not new explorations. I recall the campaign of the present administration on diversification and how important they will prioritize it but shortly after inauguration the presidency directed (NNPC) NIGERIA National Petroleum Corporation to 'intensify' search for crude oil in the Lake Chad Borno basin. Suffice it to say that this wild goose chase having been embarked on by previous administration without success shows how sincere our leaders are with their promises even in the face of meagre resources. I assume that the President could not count worthy of acceptance all previous efforts to find oil in the Lake Chad hence this renewed interest or I suppose this step is another form of diversification not yet known to us 'the laymen’. I wish you what you wish yourself : always the last statement of our secondary School principal back then in the time past is my prayer for lake Chad/Borno. I wish you find oil today so that Boko Haram ‘ of blessed memory’ will have a reliable sustainable means of upholding their terrorism as obtainable in other climes. I wish that you find oil so that you can boldly join oil producing states in sharing 13% derivation, Host community,Niger Delta commission (nddc)/ministry,excess crude savings to mention but a few. I wish you find oil so that have your fair share of ‘economic rape' known pollution,gas flaring and indiscriminate sharing of oilwells.

Oil was found in Ebonyi State NIGERIA years back but not exploited nor recognised as required by the Constitution of Nigeria. Oil has also been found in Anambra State and a private firm set up facilities to enable beneficiation of the mineral yet Federal govt has refused to recognised nor implement appropriate Constitutional demands which Lagos have benefited from. I wish you find oil because that news alone can revive our long time ailing president as one of his dear priority ‘pet project’ to compensate or assuage the northerners just may be.

I Wish You What You Wish Yourself!

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