New plans for Wechat in 2016!

Wechat is obviously the largest and powerful app in China!

WeChat is the most popular mobile messaging China, it offers a range of booking and purchase of service compared to it rival WhatsApp…

Unlike Facebook and also WhatsApp, the WeChat Tencent has expanded in recent years to include the « cab-hailing», food control and other countless services, which increased its revenue stream. We can even use it to make an appointment with the doctor or to pay in a grocery store.

There are most 700 million of users on the Chinese mobile messaging application, but it remains below 900 million active users of WhatsApp. However, this gap can be erased, and WeChat can even be crowned the new king of the global mobile messaging, in 2016.

Even more Services…

Actually, this integration of new services has propelled the growth of the application. Its number of active users has jumped 9% quarter on average this year.

The app WeChat is owned by the social giant Tencent in China, which has recently invested in Kakao Bank, one of the first Internet banks in South Korea. This is a sign, it may be looking to expand its mobile payment services like WeChat Wallet to other Asian communities and which represents a huge competitor for Alipay.

Also, WeChat has got an expansion in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, markets where it consistently ranks among the top five social media and communications applications for Android and iOS.

Moreover, the wallet feature has become very popular in China, with 60 % of users. Currently, a Chinese bank or credit card is required. Outside China, only users in South Africa can take advantage of mobile payment service WeChat. However, if they do not have a bank account, they can recharge their digital wallet using the money to various merchants and ATMS of some banks.

In addition, WeChat has expanded its border payments service in more than 20 countries in recent weeks, allowing Chinese tourists to pay their purchases abroad using WeChat wallet, while avoiding credit card charges.

Wechat, a huge success factor for companies

Advertising platform is also likely to accelerate in 2016. Then, revenue WeChat comes from advertisements which appear from time to time in the « moments » of WeChat users. Moments are a kind of mini-Facebook as a page to post and share photos or videos, add links or make updates day status…

But the main advertising’s source of revenue from WeChat (about 50%) comes from advertisements public accounts of the companies that are put forward by the users, when they follow their favorite companies or their brands.

Wechat and VR

Most users will be more applicants about the process of virtual reality of the business.

Thus, thanks to WeChat, Tencent could build a gaming ecosystem and virtual reality applications, which could therefore bring technology closer millions of users of the application.