I am shocked! Taken out of my world for a moment… still wearing the Pirates wristband because memories and emotions are vivid and from one second to another the whole event is being seen in a different light.

Yes, sexual harassment has been documented in tech startups / grownups BUT so close? Just in our community? Just when all of us having a fabulous time and thriving for valuable contacts to boost their passions?

Now we as the community need to stand close together, need to proof our values, need to be awake and need to help whenever help is…

If I will chat with my thoughts in future how will I manage the boring calls? #thoughts #rs2018 #ruhrhub


I spent a day at the weekend with my family at the community of friends from my cousin and was asking myself it this would fit with kids!?! It’s just not common standard to live close to a city in an old farm house with dogs and cats and chicken…

Being in close contact with digital nomads on the other hand this concept definitely is nothing with kids in a scholar age. But I deeply love and respect the mindfulness and free thinking ability of our generation to create a life beside fulfilling expectations from society.

What I take away from the weekend as well as many sessions with the nomads and my long ago former student life is just being open minded, always looking for opportunities and trying to separate yourself from thinking in excepted tracks.

Often quoted “big brands are not allowed to make mistakes but startups…” this is the reason of their defensive action and small learnings. I experienced that this is not quite true!

I truly believe big brands could try and error if that would build a smart environment. The issue is more lack on courage, ability to assimilate uncertainty and a forming history and culture.

Enable your guys to do really great, to be fully involved in the new and to participate as much as possible. And use the surroundings to help and speed up not to block and waste time. If you don’t trust just don’t work with them!

I have decided to work closely only with people I truly like and trust! And moreover I build bridges and enable flexibility for all my team members… I get paid back with empathy, motivation and lasting team structure.

In weak moments it would be much easier to hire skilled and experienced folks. But risking team structure and not being able to develop members individually is just not an option. And then I found out that even with potential founders and entrepreneurs the working relationships are longer as expected. Accompany them even in their new businesses has often been the biggest success.

Love my team!

If we expect that Alexa, Echo, Siri etc. will become gate keeper for search and on the long run shopping marketers need to decide how the brand should sound!?! Not meaning a jingle, but a personality… is your brand male or female? Funny, cynical, straight…

The result of said control is not a brand logo or a picture but spoken language! So imagine a sounding response spoken by uncontrolled voices which leads into a customer journey. How to proceed higher conversions and better reach then your competitor will become a new challenge for brands, retailers. Proactively probably heavily starting in a B2C environment.

Oliver Weimann

Serial Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor, Co-Founder #RS2017, Digital Thinker, Spreading thoughts of roughly 100 words

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