from an American in Edinburgh

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How I survived lock down in Scotland as a live-in nanny turned homeschooling teacher.

First bit of advice — take care of yourself! You know the deal…in the event of a change in cabin pressure, put on your oxygen mask first.

The pressure of lock down changed EVERYTHING.

How did I survive 15 weeks of homeschooling?

I was able to utilize my many years of experience as a public school teacher, yoga teacher and PeaceBuilders consultant. Even with all of my previous years of experience nothing could have prepared me for what was ahead.

Throughout the days that seemed to blend together, I dreamed of running away to a…

A story of loss, awareness and prevention

Manic Depression aka Bipolar Disorder

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I went to San Francisco in September of 2018. It was a grieving weekend to celebrate the life of my beloved Wendy Faith! I had looked at her Instagram at the airport with tears rolling down my face. I couldn’t find anything to indicate she was in her darkest, deepest depression. The last post was on September 12th about a cactus blooming. 10 days later she jumped off the Golden Gate State Bridge on the Winter Solstice.

Even her death was with purpose and meaning, like her life.

Do we show the world…

Elizabeth Olive

Yoga guide, writer, educator, PeaceBuilder, musician, traveler, adventurer, PTSD survivor and thriver. Change maker.

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