1. Why did you make your style choices — what are you trying to convey?

I just went with what looked cohesive and fun. Not too over the top but something that still expressed my personality. I am trying to convey me….but also convey that I’m different and should be set apart from the competition. In a good way.

2. Is this something you could use in your future job apps in YOUR field? Why, Why not?

So for me…..I don’t know that its going to be super crucial for me to take the time and have a resume because I want to go into business for myself and/or intern for boutiques leading up to my entrepreneurial venture. So for boutiques and people in the fashion world, its creative and I think they would be open to the status quo resume or the fun fancy graphic one. But I always do in person run ins with the places I want to work and based on those interactions I feel like id be able to gauge where the employer fit.