Medium Post 5

Coffeehouses are a discourse (the what) and the Underground is a genre (the way of being; how). The Underground has many things specific to it that make it’s visitors act a certain way. Heilker states,

“they [genres] embody and enact ideologies, values, and ideas about what we should believe, what we should want, and how we should be.”

In other words, each genre is unique in its attributes and requires different thing from those a part of it. thinking of the Underground, it has specific values in the layout and design. It is one of a kind, and requires a lot from its visitors. The couches and the lighting both demand a way for us to act. these aren’t just aspects of the room. These are actual genres that require ways of being for us and therefore contribute to the specific ways we act in the Underground. Just as Heilker states,

“genres both assume things about and require things of their users.”

Here are a few of the things that make the Underground like a genre. These help us to understand what it means to have a way of being in this place.

  1. The couches are very worn. To use this genre of furniture, I have to be willing to relax. I have to be willing to use second-hand items rather than new and expensive furniture.
  2. There are many voices and background music. To be a part of this genre of noise, I have to be willing to create my own or tune it out.
  3. The lighting is dim. I have to be willing to work under lamplight or natural light in order to use this genre of lighting.
  4. Real mugs are used to serve hot drinks. To be a part of this genre of hot beverages, I have to be willing to help pick up my own dishes. I have to be okay with the way coffee is served. And I have to be okay with saving paper and plastic.
  5. There is random decor on the walls. In order to be a part of this genre of decor, I have to be open to abstractness.