Direct Business Solutions to Personal Finance Managers’ Aid

Be it to accumulate enough funds to be able to spend your golden years in peace and comfort, or to save enough cash to be able to send your daughter to one of the Ivy League colleges, people have their unique financial goals. Our personal financial advisors help us accomplish these goals through meticulous planning and thoughtful guidance. They help us generate wealth, achieve financial security and plan personal finance through various phases of our lives. The role they play in our lives is invaluable but their jobs are by no means easy. From convincing clients to invest in the right financial products, monitoring the health of their investment portfolio, keeping constant touch with existing clients to making efforts at expanding their clientele, personal finance managers seem to be forever on a multi-tasking spree.

Direct business solutions are like a silver lining to their complex work process. Comprising a host of printed marketing items, direct business solutions are designed to make the job of finance professionals easy. Here’s a look at how these solutions may come to their aid:

Direct Marketing Trends:

According to new generation of marketers, the secret to direct business marketing success lies in proper utilization of database and the ability to represent demographic segments through the design.

Utilization of Database:

The new generation of direct marketers use a technique called database segmentation that razor sharpens their targets. The technique enables finance managers to reach out to the exact audience — a specific age or income group that they want to target. For example, when an insurance company launches a product for a particular demography, say females below 30 years with an average income of 5,000 dollars per month, database segmentation enables them to reach out to that particular demography under a certain zip code.


Personalization is the key to make the materials noticeable. This part is tied to the database. Specific colors, fonts, images and texts are used for different customer segments. The design varies according to age, gender, risk aversion and estimated earning-saving ratio to captivate the audience it’s targeting. In fact, the design and text should change for each segment of clients — baby boomers, young couples and so on.

Real Life Usage:

For financial planners, baby boomers represent one of the most lucrative segments of their clientele. In order to tap the tremendous potentials of this market, organizations are leveraging different types of print materials such as postcards, mails, fliers and pamphlets to communicate with the prospects and let them know how they can help plan their finance for a more secure future.

Direct business materials are also widely used in seminar marketing. Institutions comprising financial planners often organize seminars to tell the world about their new product or service but they prove ineffective when the attendance is low. Well-crafted mails and postcards can go a long way to improve the attendance. Needless to say, higher the attendance, more are the chances of conversion them into leads.

Last but not least, as part of the tax prep marketing, direct business solutions help finance advisors in their lead generation process. Tax consultants use customized mail materials to communicate about their unique services to hundreds of individuals, each of whom are faced with unique tax-related challenges.

Therefore of you, too, are straddling with a huge clientele, providing a gamut of social security services or personal finance aids, it always makes more sense to hire a professional direct business solution provider who can design highly effective collaterals for you to tap the exact demographics at the most opportune moments.

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