Here’s How Eyebrow Threading Is Done by Professionals

Olivia Taylor
Mar 11, 2019 · 3 min read
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Eyebrow threading is a widely used technique to shape eyebrows. This is quite popular because it gives a clean look and adds a wow factor which lasts a long time without the use of any chemicals. It also suits different skin types as the method only involves a thread which helps in getting rid of excess hair from the eyebrow area. But, if it is not done by someone who has done an eyebrow threading course, you may develop small bumps from their indelicacy. This happens because holding the thread and pulling the hair involves a special technique to get the best results.

If you’re wondering how an expert conducts an eyebrow threading, then keep reading this blog-post.

Preparing the Thread

· Choosing the Right Thread

This is the most important tool to conduct threading and they make sure it is made of cotton. They choose the one that won’t snap easily and it should be fifteen to twenty-four inches long or longer if her/his hands are long. They also avoid threads with synthetic fibre which can cause discomfort, if you have coarse eyebrows.

· Keeping other Tools Handy

Apart from the right kind of thread, they will also keep the following tools ready.


Aloe vera gel or ice pack

Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow pencil

Loose talcum powder


Preparing the Eyebrows

· Choosing the Eyebrow Shape

The job of a beauty professional is to make you look gorgeous with well-defined eyebrows. That’s why the eyebrow shape should match your face type for the most pleasing results. For instance, medium thick eyebrows with a soft angle look great on an oval shaped face.

· Sweeping Eyebrow Hair Upward

In this step, they take the eyebrow brush and sweep your eyebrow upward to find the uneven hairs. After that, they trim them with a pair of scissors and brush the hair downwards to check further. They work on one eyebrow at a time as this job requires patience.

· Tying the Thread in a Big Loop

This step involves folding the thread and twisting it into a loop. To create the latter, the specialist will tie the thread ends together by making a knot at the end.


· Twisting the Loop in the Middle

The specialist will stretch the loop between the thumb and index finger while keeping the other thumb and forefinger in between. The thread is twisted about five to six times to form the perfect ‘X’- shape.

· Testing the Thread

This is crucial because holding the string is important to conduct proper threading. The beauty expert ensures that the twist of the thread moves to their left. Then, they will close the space between their right thumb and index fingers and open the space on the other side. This is the right threading motion as it traps the hairs and pulls them out.

· Starting Threading

Loose powder is put on your eyebrow to make the process easier. The unwanted hair is then secured and pulled out from the eyebrow one at a time. You may be asked to hold the skin tightly for better clarity.

· Removing the Outer Hairline

The process of removal is usually started by removing the outer hairline and then gradually moving downwards. This will give shape to your eyebrow and make it more prominent on your face.

· Applying Aloe Vera Gel or an Ice Pack

Your skin might get swollen after threading which is why the specialist usually applies aloe vera gel or an ice pack to soothe the area.

· Showing a Mirror

They will not leave you wondering about your look after threading. A small mirror is handed to you to ensure you are satisfied with the end result. You can ask for more threading if you’re not happy with the outcome or if they have missed threading any hair.

That is how a professional does eyebrow threading. As he/she is an expert the job done in less time and without causing you any pain than if you tried to do it yourself. The next time you feel your eyebrows need a little work, go out and find a local beauty expert to help you out, you won’t regret it!

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