Do you remember Sundays?

Do you remember how Sundays used to be? You would lie in bed, no alarm clock, no worries for the day that lies ahead of you. You would stretch, turn on the TV or the radio and start dancing around the house because it is that day of the week when you do not have to do anything. The breakfast was always late and paired up with a walk which aimed at relaxing and inspiring you. Everyone was out — parents brought their kids to the park, couples were walking around happy. Even though it was cold, there was so much positive energy around you that you did not care. And in winter — boy, that beautiful white snow all around you and the cold you felt right through your bones that woke you up immediately and made you realize how alive you are and lucky to be part of this wonderful thing called “life”.

And when you grow up…responsibilities come. You are busy 24/7. You do not know when it’s Sunday anymore. You are not lazy — you wake up at 6, have your coffee and start working. Along the day you look outside the window and nobody is there anymore. You do not see the kids playing, the parents chatting, the couples holding hands. Everything is silent. Dead silent. So you just sit on the couch in the kitchen and continue writing your thesis and accept the fact that things change, life changes and Sundays will never be Sundays again.