That moment when you realize that you finally somehow grew up

“Start getting ready dear. We will leave in 20 minutes.”

“Ok mom. I will get dressed then.”

She was staring in the mirror admiring herself. Her self-confidence was coming back as the days passed. She felt …beautiful. The dress, the high heels, the makeup, red lipstick — it was everything she ever wanted.

They went downstairs to the restaurant and after 1 hour she already felt…sad. Was it the tooth pain again? Was it the music, the atmosphere, the company, the food, the alcohol? She did not know. She excused herself, went to her room, took a pill for the tooth pain and started listening to music. Suddenly, she realized it — it wasn’t anything else than the fact that she needed time with herself. She started dancing and laughing and reading. After some time she realized how much she misses her life in Amsterdam and how much she is looking forward to go back. You see, once you found your home, no matter how much you want to be happy somewhere else, you will always long for it.

It did not matter that it was 1 hour and 10 minutes left until the new year began — for her new years eve was just another day of the calendar, nothing special. She was happy because she finally realized what she did not all of those years — she never belonged to one place and once place only but once she found her comfort place, her true home, she was faced with an insatiable crave of returning.

She was one of those people who puts 200% of her energy in something , her heart and soul and that’s why she got crushed so many times. But this time it was different. She was determined to fight no matter how much it would take to truly live her life the way she wanted.

After all, who says that you cannot live more than one life?