The story of the black skinny jeans

A couple of months ago I had a first date after a really long time. I usually do not know whether or not I am on a date but this time it was settled:

“I do not want you to see my grumpy side because I am hungry on our first date.”

As a newbie dropped once more in the dating scene, I had no idea what to wear. One of my friends suggested black jeans and a nice top (which at the time sounded good) so I went along with the proposal. Now the real challenge was to find a pair of black jeans that I like in one day. Not an easy task as I am usually pretty picky with the clothes I buy.

I took half a day off work, went to my favorite store and tried out pants. From what I remember, the pair I chose was the first one I picked up. It seemed like a good fit, I paid and went home to relax and unwind.

As the time approached, I got more and more nervous. I got dressed and looked in the mirror.

I was pleasantly surprised — the jeans were a great fit and gave me a bit of confidence which was great.

After that night, I wore those jeans almost every day. It was so simple to mix and match them with blouses and shoes.

Unfortunately, biking and constant washing, caused them to deteriorate earlier than expected. It was hard to let them go, almost as hard as the idea of the guy I met that night was. I guess in a way he was connected with those pair of jeans.

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I have to throw them out, that I have to “let go” of ideas and move on because there are plenty of “good pairs of jeans” out there that can be even a better fit.

So with that in mind…I bought a new pair of jeans that give me a different kind of confidence.

Let’s see how the story of the blue jeans will unfold. ;)