What women (supposedly) want, why men are (not) easily scared and the eternal question: “Can guys and girls be just friends?”

“I will tell you what women want. It’s pretty easy and obvious.”

“Ok smarty pants. If you are indeed the expert in the subject, please enlighten me. What are we, women, into?”

“It goes like this — us, men, when we look at a woman we look at her curves (ass and boobs to be honest). I think you already knew that so nothing new here. But when a woman looks at a man she is searching for something more, some specific characteristics — if he is tall or not, if he has a strong back, a strong jaw, if she feels safe in his presence, if she can rely on him. There are a lot of things that women take into consideration without even knowing it. Your subconscious works for you and tells you who is a perfect fit for you and your needs and that’s how you choose him.”

“Oh, come on! That sucks the romance right out of it. So, you are saying that each one of us is looking for the alpha male, just like back in the days?”

“Apparently yes. We still have the instincts of our ancestors and without realizing it, we take some decisions based on that. You’re right. It definitely gets the romance out of the equation.”

“But you have to admit that some situations do not apply to your theory.”

“Well, psychology is not an exact science. That’s the beauty of it. There are, of course, some exception. But I have never met any.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am one of the unlucky ones who managed to be in relationships only with women who are too…loose let’s say.”

“Even so, you agree that not all women are like that, right?”

“Until I will find one, I still think they are a myth.”

“Well, I can assure you they are not. And what about you, men? You are so much more than asses and boobs. You don’t even know what you want. And most of the times we have to tip-toe around you so we do not scare you with words like: relationship, boyfriend and so on.”

“My dear, I will let you in on a little secret — if a guy is not interested in you, he will avoid these discussions. He will not contact you, he will not care how you feel, he will not take you out. If a guy is not interested in you in that way, you are probably not even speaking with him anymore.”

“Wait…what? Guys and girls can be friends.”

(laughing) “Oh my dear, unfortunately they are not.”

“I protest! We are friends. We are one of the living proofs. Therefore, your theory is not valid.”

“Why are you getting so mad? Maybe there are some friendships but they do not last or those involved speak occasionally (like us). Because guys know what they want and if they want you as more than a friend, they will still be there, trying. Otherwise, the relation will dissolve. This is how it always was and how it will always be. I just want you to remember this — if he is not lifting a finger for you, if you are always the one who is trying, just give it up. Even as friends. He is definitely not interested.”

“And all guys work like that? Is it actually that simple?”

“Yes. You are imagining all kind of situations all the time when the things are pretty straight forward — we are interested, we invest.”

“Truth hurts sometimes.”

“Staying, wishing and praying is a lot harder. Believe me.”

“Are we doomed?”

“No, we are growing up. There’s enough time…and someone out there. We still have to learn some things before we find what we need.”