For the future

This is just wrong

That is just wrong

Mom and dad are our gods

Back where it belongs

Thinking of your face

Makes me glow and smile

Despite the pain

Dreaming of a day when I can

Take her and always stare upon her face

And make myself feel safe

Just starring at her face

It’s the only other place

I ever want to be

Just starring at her face

It’s the only other thing

I ever want to see

Except for if I could

If I could see my brother

Standing next to me

With whom he needs to see

The me I need to be

With a healthier seed

What I really need

Is to become freed

To live without greed

But have no form of need

Just escaped and feeling good

If I could live that way

There would be no way

I could fall into despair

The two of them being there

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