In the wild

When he’s all alone

When she’s all alone

In the cold

You don’t know what love feels like

Until you’ve felt warmth

On a winter’s night

Wander for so long



For a bright mate to come along



Find a home

Build a progeny

Build a home

Start a story

Protect your successions

The strengths of two

Continues on

Ever through the ages

In the wild

Start your own history

A story of worthy bloodlines

The weak die off

Just like we know they should

The genes remember

What is a failure

What is harmony

And what continues on

Plants, birds and beasts

Forest, mountain, aquatica

Flora and fauna

Still they thrive

Why can’t you

Patience was lost

You should be dead (we should be dead)

A mistake never fallen (one day)

Now it torments the earth

Ready to bury the truth

And turn our world to ashes

Change (before you do)

One day

Me and you

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