Gold digging

So what do you think about me

And my memory

So what do you want from me

Do you want to be


Won’t you take a look

At what you took away from us

A cancer is within her mind

Need to take you away from me

And through the pain love is all I find

So you leave it up to me

She is servicing

You’re replenishing

Nothing for me

And I hope it’s all good for you

Cause you don’t give a shit about me

So I hope you are feeling happy

So it’s left up to me

I guess it’s always been

You can’t escape me

And I’m always reaching in

So you’ve waited for me

I don’t seem to matter too much

All that you think you’ve been

I know how much

Of nothing is coming again

You are empty and alone

Because they’re worth nothing to you

But I might have a gift for you

But you

But you

Are only looking for money

Isn’t it funny

How you love me now

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