You talk in a way I feel connected with

And I just spark in ways I didn’t before

You walk in a way unfound amongst them

You know I just want to go home

Home is what I want

Just because I’m lonely

Doesn’t mean I don’t have a spot

Following the shining darkness

Flowing through the head

On the back of your eyelids

Closing all our eyes tonight

We can all see

Deep inside our heads

Feeling it in my bones

Home is where I want to be

Home back with you

You ask me why I’m lonely

Because you’re not here with me

All I have wasted

All that I’ve wanted

I’ve not acted so wrong

All alone

Never taken

All the way home

You have no time for wrong

Because you are so good

God comes in many heads

But one is where it’s from

Yeah one is where it’s from

Change comes in many forms

Change can heal the world

So there’s never a reason to give up hope

Change happens suddenly

Change brings hope to me

Change could take all night

Change the wrong to right

Change only takes a moment

Change comes this instant

Oh somehow we must

We must

Learn a new way

Oh somehow we must

We must

Look back to the old way

Live a new way

Change can bring back hope

Change can bring us closer

Change will never end

Change starts all over again

When I have chosen to begin

Spirits come to me

Demons let us free

You’re saved

You’re saved

When we make it through this

Together we can get through this

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