The girl

Who was she

So mature

So smart

I could feel her fire

Her energy

And all the black within

Worked with me

We seemed right

Whoever she was

You are

The sun

Lost star

Come with me

To a place of balance

The way you feel

When emotions are real

What you are missing

What you are missing

You don’t know who

Until you found me

Until they find you

I love the way

You speak

Into my ear

Through my heart

And tell me it will never end in you

I love the sounds you make for me

And the way you hold onto my eyes

Make you feel as I do

I need to complete you

Because I’m empty without you



So no more

For neither

And I love all that I say

You really listen

Unlike the ones who tell us now

You tell me you appreciate

Who really appreciates?

Maybe someone who can just listen

I want to feel you

I need to

Be told that I complete you

I’d love to heal you

Just let me feel you

And I’ll show you that it’s all right

I want to feel

I need to

Be shown I am complete too

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