Seer, healing

Seer, for you

Seer, heal me

Seer, see me

See this

And told me

I saw it too

You are my goddess

So lets rebuild this fucked up way

This beautiful planet

Who waits for a purer day

This victim planet

Where criminals lay

So lets fuck up their bullshit lie

And be the wisdom

For any who cry

And need to listen

To something real

I really care

About the future

I fucking need to

Repair this world


Who would believe the truth

Crucify once more

The last fucking pure

But I won’t fall this time

Roman ancestors telling lies


Hide away

Lash out with words once more

They’ll hear us this time

For the reason why

This life’s a lie

We can’t break free

You won’t be free

Until we fight for it

Or hide away

I love the way you speak about me

Throughout me

I love the way I speak

In you

Through you

To you


Love you also

Love me also

Because I love you

You are just what I need

My light

When time has agreed

Will you believe in whom you never show

Who will always know

My light

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