“But i miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall.”

the back of our wonderland home
The 2014 version of my house. The new owners totally got rid of the tree I used to climb down!
baking with Nonna

If you didn’t already know, it’s incredibly hard to get into the “fall spirit” when you live in Florida. It’s 80 degrees out in October and the humidity is so high to the point where can’t feel my face. Lucky enough for me, I’ve only spent my last 5 falls in Florida.

Growing up, I remember getting our big Halloween boxes from our attic out and decorating our house when October 1st rolled around. My mom would bake her INCREDIBLE Jewish Apple Cake (we’re still Roman Catholic, don’t worry.) After church, we would go to the patch across the street and pick fresh apples and pumpkins. We would adorn our big house with three scarecrows outside (because I’m one of three siblings) and our fireplace was adorned and always ready to go.

I was asked the other day if I had a good childhood. Are you kidding? I had the world’s BEST childhood. My parents filled 121 Rabbit Run with eclectic music, my mom speaking Italian, art history, culture and tons of books.( shout out to the front green “library” for teaching me everything from Jackie O’s favorite foods to Marcel Proust) I’ve been reflecting on my 18 years living in Snowy Owl and I am so fortunate to have been raised in the same beautiful house for my entire life. Sundays included going to church, my cousins coming over, my Nonna and Mamma in the kitchen for hours, spending the next hours eating and watching, of course, the Eagles.

So we might not have the crunchy leaves or the crisp air or our big house any more, but I am so lucky that my fall memories will remain in my heart and head as nothing short of wonderful.

So shout out to you Mom & Dad, and shout out to the Pharo family for letting me and my brothers gaze out our window while you guys put up INCREDIBLE decorations.

I couldn’t really find any fall photos (specifically Halloween) so enjoy some of September in my home!

Anyway. Fall means: apple cider, shorter days, cozy candles and my favorite thing: FALL TV. I didn’t know I watched so much TV until I wrote this (oops)

What you need to watch:

  1. This Is Us (NBC, Tuesdays @ 9pm) -I can’t push this show enough. It’s a feel good, tear-jerker, comedy/drama based around family which I can’t get enough of. This show has so much heart and I can’t wait to watch it soar. Go. Run. You’re only 3 episodes behind!
  2. The Mindy Project (Season 5 airs every Tuesday at 12AM) Mindy Kaling aka Mindy Lahiri is back with full sass, the most fabulous outfits and the best one liners. So. So. Good.
  3. Easy- (Netflix)I can say, it’s not for every one. You gotta be a little eclectic. LOL.

4. Jane The Virgin (Season 3 airs 10/17 on The CW at 9)- If you’re not a fan of this show, get out of my life. I don’t need your negativity. #TeamMichael

5. Quantico (Sundays at 10PM)- I’m struggling. Season 1 was epic but this season I’m trying to drag myself along? Anybody else?

MUSIC: (I’m only giving three live songs I haven’t stopped listening to) I promise I’ll elaborate on my music of this season soon!

  1. You’ll Never Find -Michael Buble ft.Laura Pausini ||| The day a man sings this song to me, I will marry him. God bless you @Lou Rawls thank you for creating this. This duet is something I’ve listened to for YEARS but lately just can. not. stop. Go. Blast it. Sway.
  2. Fire & Desire- Drake (OK OK OK before you all kill me, there was a REALLY good live version of him singing this but it got removed) Hands down my favorite song of Views, but has recently been listened by me maybe 65 times a day?
  3. Rose & Ivy by Vaudeville Etiquette- “Seven day’s supply, of your sweet vanilla wine inside your coat…” This song brings me warmth. It’s melancholy obviously but it soothes my heart!

I wrote this from my iPhone so please excuse any errors/ if this was all over the place!

Let me know if I’m missing any great Fall TV or hit me up with music suggestions! I would love to hear what people are being for Halloween or love doing in Fall! As always, thank you. If you’ve read this far, let me know so I can bake you some cookies.

PS: As HIGHLY requested, my next post will be about how I get paid to represent different brands ( including KeVita)


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