Terf: Women who dare disagree with the trans movement in anyway!

You guys wanted to play the oppression olympics. So lets play.

You are oppressed? So are all women. Your rights safety and feelings do not matter more than ours. They matter. Of course they do. But not more than ours and not at our expense.

Trans people get murdered a lot, mostly at the hands of men. But guess what, so do women and men, mostly at the hands of men

Trans people get raped a lot, mostly at the hands of men. So do women and men, mostly at the hands of men. Women more so suffer this than men.

You get catcalled after you transitioned? We got catcalled starting at ten or the moment our breasts came in.

You got dick pics? So do we.

You get sexually harassed? So do we most of us since a young age.

You have the risk of pregnancy by men… Nope.

You can’t get abortions when you need them… No wait you can’t get pregnant.

You got shamed for your periods… No wait you don’t have periods.

You do have medical issues, mental health issues, You get bullied, killed, raped, and oppressed. The reasons usually centering around your being trans. Which makes those trans issues. And you have every right to fight for your safety and your peaceful existence same as any human.

My reproductive issues are women’s reproductive issues. You don’t get to police my language around them. I will not stop using uterus, period, vagina, or breast feeding because it triggers you. They are my language about my biology and you as someone without that biology don’t get to tell me to shut up about it or call it transphobic to use it. Its about us females, not you. My vagina was something I was born with and the language I use to talk about it is not “transphobic”. Its literally not all about you.

Many women have medical and psychological issues around their vaginas.

Many women have shame around them.

You do not get to claim we have vagina privilege or period privilege. This is insensitive to our issues.

You do not get to invalidate the sex segregated female spaces and ignore biological females pleas for considerations. You were, sorry to say it, born male with male body. Your being trans identified, however that looks for you, does not give you more rights to female spaces than biological women. Forcing laws to be changed to center you instead of us is insensitive.

Fight for gender neutral spaces. I will join that fight. But do not invade female spaces. They were created for a reason. And look if you pass and walk into a stall in a women’s restroom no one is going to give two shits or notice. But if you look somewhat male, women are allowed to feel uncomfortable with this out of our self preservation instinct. Its not about you its about our reality as women. If you are scared to use the men’s then fight for more gender neutral restrooms and better yet, fight to end male violence. Since thats what all of us want to fight against.

Many trans activist and their allies online and in marches encourage violence against women who disagree with you. Women who wont sleep with you. Women who fight for female language and spaces. Instead of fighting the male violence that threatens both our groups, you harass, threaten, and attack women. Because they dare to stand up for womanhood in a world attempting to pretend the oppression of women doesn’t exist or matter.

Womanhood is not a costume, its not a dress and makeup, and its not a feeling. Its a whole range of experiences from birth that add up to the understanding of being the “lesser sex” in a sex oppressed world.

You co-opting womanhood, minimizing it to just a feeling, fighting for our spaces and fighting to remove our language, is not feminism or intersectionality, it is oppressing women. It is telling us to shut up and stay home if we don’t want to see penises in our spaces. Calling us terfs and wearing “I punch terfs” t-shirts stained in blood is bullying and threatening women who dare disagree with you feelings.

It is telling domestic violence escapees who flee to shelters only to be kicked out when they express discomfort over a biological male in the space meant for females, that your comfort matters more than theirs.

It is telling female prisoners that because a trans woman murderer and rapist was raped in a male prison, they will now be put at risk of harm from this violent offender. (NEWS FLASH: men get raped a shit ton in male prisons too, where is your outrage about that.)

And actually as “women”; Where is your outrage against rape of women, women losing their reproductive rights, women domestic violence victims. You never speak up about those women’s issues, in fact you generally tell women that whatever language they use around those issues is transphobic and bigoted and then silence them.

And thats the problem. You are not fighting really for trans rights, trans spaces, or trans acceptance. You are not even fighting for women’s rights. You are fighting for entrance to women’s spaces, fighting to erase women’s language, and acting as if your needs matter not the same as ours, but more than ours, instead of ours.

You are a male who identifies as a woman. A trans woman. Trans identified male. But you are not a female or a woman. If you want more women to help you end violence against you, how about first acknowledging that we are an oppressed group too, and not demand our silence when we disagree with you. Not calling us asshole, bigot, or transphobe when we use female centric language or when lesbians won’t fuck you.

It is not transphobic to acknowledge that trans individuals compromise less than 3 percent of the populations. Women(FEMALE FROM BIRTH) are half the fucking population and are still an oppressed class. WE can co-exist when we acknowledge this and when when trans women start respecting women the same way they expect us to respect them.

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