This has brought me to tears…I’ve just always automatically thought we must include transgender…
Evelyn Okunbor

Hey, first off, hugs and just so you know, I was where you are right now just a few months ago. I never felt sure of how I felt, but I assumed the liberals were right and obviously trans women were women. And then I heard about the women’s march pissing off trans people because of wearing pussy hats, saw the way other way more respected feminist were being treated for saying this, and started reading about how many men are abusing the new rules. And the body blitz spa contraversy, and I felt even more confused. So I aksed a question on a forum to ask questions like this. I never have been treated worse online.

I still believe in inclusivity, but only so far as I recognize trans women identify as women, but biologically we are not identical and my rights being superseded is a problem. I can still call the trans people in my life she, have zero issues if they get surgeries and wear girl clothes, but i am also allowed to defend womanhood. Our ancestors fought for this.

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