“I am angry that as a woman who has constantly had to be careful of my language and behavior around…
Amy Winter

My point is not that trans women do not also face restrictions in language or fears, or struggles. My point simply put is that often the trans woman movement in their attempt to fight for their rights, often becomes polarizing because many refuse to acknowledge that there is a clear cut difference between a woman who at one point presented male and thus was treated as male in society, and a woman who has always been treated as a woman.

Of course not all trans people do this, and most face discrimination, but the point is that often the conversation becomes only about trans woman being considered woman to the point where if you even try to ask, as a cis woman, for some consideration in the conversation, you are threatened, receive hate speak, and are labeled instantly as transphobic.

If the trans movement wanted women fully on their side, then they would be open to hearing our side too. The need for cis only spaces does not come out of a fear of trans women, or a want to be hateful, it comes from feeling so utterly lost in the struggle of being woman that you need those with shared experience to hold space for you.

The need for language not to be changed around acts that are distinctly female, like mother, breast feeding, uterus, comes from the constant struggle we have to protect our rights in a patriarchal society.

Trans women who do not and never had uteri are going into infertile women’s groups and attempting to compare experience and for the women in those groups who were born with uteri and are facing infertility, this is insulting, offensive, and often if a woman dares to express her feeling around this, she is threatened.