Bats, axes, bloody I PUNCH TERFS shirts, and DIE CIS SCUm. But Women are supposedly the problem.

Do males deserve the right to womanhood more than females? According to many yes. So to be inclusive, lets discuss wom… people’s healthcare in an inclusive manner.

Wom… Sorry, Some people have uteruses and are fighting for abortion rights.

Wom… Sorry, Some people have a higher risk of chest cancer.

Fema…Sorry, Some people around the world face vulva mutilation.

Wom…Sorry, People without prostates but who do have cervixes should get cervix screenings.

Wom… Sorry, People with ovaries can get PCOS or ovary cysts.

Wom… Sorry, Some people bleed once a month and can face symptoms relevant to this bleeding but lets not forget some male…Sorry Some, people take hormones and have some similar symptoms each month without the bleeding, or uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervixes.

Wom… Sorry, Pregnant People face higher risker of parental death here then in other developed nations due to lack of proper care towards parents.

Black moth… Sorry, parents face more risk due to racism in mater…Sorry, parental healthcare.

Some vaginas…Sorry, front holes have cervixes, tent with arousal, are connected to a uterus and ovary system and can get pregnant, have risk of cervical cancer, uterine cancer, ovary issues. Some Surgical wounds…Sorry, vaginas are just tissue made in the shape of a tunnel and have to be dilated to be kept open.

Some clits are very complex structures that have a full internal structure that rarely gets studied or spoken about, some cervixes are made with penile tissue.

The reason words exist, is to be able to communicate. And talking about the healthcare that is relevant to my body used to be simple. I could say women’s healthcare and you knew I was talking about my needs as a adult post puberty female.

Periods, Pregnancy risk, Female Genital Mutilation, Cervical Health, Maternal Birth Rates/risks, Ovary issues, Breast cancer, Clitoral health/orgasms. All of these fall into a category of body that I used to just call woman or female. Now though, I’m considered transphobic for just saying woman or female. Now places around the world are bending themselves into using inclusive language and making it harder for the average person to know who they cater too.

But beyond that, female rights are being moved backwards. You used to be able to find places where males, BASED ON BIOLOGICAL SEX, were not allowed. Where Biologically sexed females, could escape male presences for the sake of privacy and protection. But not anymore. New laws are quickly ensuring that sex based protections will be removed based on gender identity. Feeling like a woman is enough to enter FEMALE spaces.

If I am raped and want to got to a women’s shelter, I may be forced to allow a “woman” with an adams apple, broad male body and male socialized person to be in the room with me, even shower or share change rooms, bedrooms with me. Because instead of taking into consideration both our needs and creating a place for he/she and keeping my place for me… Only her womanhood matters now. And even worse, if my rapist, transitions, I would have to call him “her” while discussing “her” penis, and then “she” would be put in the women’s prison, where “she” would once again have access to biologically weaker and more vulnerable victims. Because we must validate her gender identity over my biological sex.

If I practice for years in a sport, and start to advance, now I must accept that a “woman” with male bones, body structure, and basic biological systems will be allowed to compete against me. Because my biological womanhood matters not when considering the validation needs of the male “woman”.

Teenage girls, going through their first realizations that to the outside world they are viewed most often as sexual objects, who are now dealing with the distressing new reality of periods, tampons, and pads, must now move their need for privacy over because he now needs access to her privacy rooms. Because their biological realities matter little to the male bodied “woman”. Even when offered the teachers’ lavatories, this is not enough for the teen male. No, he must have the girls places for his needs to be truly validated.

How can you not see how the goal posts keep being moved? How definitions keep changing? What happened to trying to remove stereotypes? What happened to anyone being whatever they want?!

Drag queens who break the boundaries between how men are supposed to behave, who celebrate womanhood in a specific way are now being called offensive by trans women because it makes light of how men dressing as women are not always trans?! WTF

Instead of allowing anyone to dress how they desire, to express themselves how they desire, to behave however they desire, males who enjoy makeup and females who enjoy presenting masculine must claim nonbinary?

Even children are now being labeled trans the moment they express interest in the opposite sex behaviors/ stereotypical interests instead of breaking the stereotypes, and saying any body no matter the biological sex can have any interest.

It used to be that even the trans people acknowledged that they had a biological sex and their gender identity/expression just didn’t match or they had the condition of dysphoria, but now they shout that even biological sex is a social construct. They say they were assigned male at birth? No your biological sex was decided long before you were born. There is a reason you were born with a penis. You may have a dysphoria condition where you feel like you are in the wrong body, but that body is still a reality that must be acknowledged.

Males and Females exist as a dichotomy in almost every species because it takes the two sexes to create progeny. Yes there are mutations or mistakes which is how we can have intersex people, or infertile people, but for the most part, male and female bodies are what you get.

And in this society, acknowledging this matters because being born female leads to a life of reproductive oppression, and sexist behaviors(FGM, pregnancy, being killed because of being female, not being allowed to be educated, menstrual shaming, breastfeeding being illegal while boobs are used to promote everything) towards you because of how your body is perceived in society. Female spaces were not created because of gender identity or stereotypes. They were created because of the systematic violence female people experience at the hands of males.

Taking hormones and mutilating or surgically changing your body may help how you perceive yourself, but it does not change your biological sex. Rewriting laws that were based on the biological sex, to accommodate internal feelings/identities leads to far to many issues for females.

And look we all understand that a perfectly passing trans women can probably enter a restroom with no issues. But if you change the laws to allow self id, any male can self id and enter. You strip me of my ability to feel safe raising alarm when someone I see as a male body enters my protected spaces. Now, if a man enters, he can legally claim he is woman with no hormones, surgery or attempt to look female and I legally have no right to feel concerned. I am no longer allowed to wary when someone who is obviously male as the “woman” below is without becoming labeled a bigot.

And even lesbians, female homosexuals, are facing violence and exclusion and threats for not being attracted to male bodied people. Sexual attraction is often based hugely on physical attraction and lesbians tend to be exlusively into female bodies. Internal feelings/ mental statuses and some hormones and surgery do not make a male body female. And when trans women insist their penis is female or their inverted penis is identical to a vagina, they reduce our anatomy to just a fuckable hole that is irrelevant. A vagina is a complex muscle attached to an entire reproductive system, and this isn’t including the intricacies of the clitoris. To compare that to a surgical hole that must be dilated and is connected to nothing, is just offensive, misogynistic, and reductionist.

Trans women and trans people have every right to safety, to their own spaces, to healthcare that caters to their unique needs, and to conversations about their struggles, but not at the sacrifice of biological women. But women now face death threats, rape threats, deplatforming, silencing, and dehumanizing language when they raise concerns. My first essay lead to me being told I deserved to get raped, beaten with a bat, dragged along a street and so on. All for wanting to protect the need for female spaces and conversations.

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And of course when women responded with concern about this threat, our fear and upset was apparently a sexual turn on for these “women”

our tears are a turn on. Way to sexualize womens pain
SO peaceful.