While you purport to respond to “trans women,” you’ve actually quoted zero of them in this article.
Siobhan O'leary

You are using my lack of quotations to attempt to refute me, but if I attempted to put every quote from every website that was important and highlighted my case I would have written a novel. If you wish to see examples just google and go to trans rights movement websites, or walk up to a transgender woman and ask her about the word “terf” which is the name given women who dare try to have these conversations. The examples I use are not once I assumed trans people thought, they are examples I have heard, I have seen, and that others too have hear and seen. And if your next question is, “then why dont I see and hear it too?” I answer with this, have you left space in your reality to hear it? To acknowledge it? To consider it? Have you considered that you dont hear it or see it because everytime we try to express our thoughts, we are silenced by the harassment? Is your argument around this not very much similar to argument men bring forward about street harassment and sexual assault in women?

You brought into your response, as example of supposed strawmaning, my scenario about changing rooms and assume that the example is flawed because it equates the changing room to a social space. Not all changing rooms have privacy screens and stalls first off, and regardless of this, if it does have such screens, there is no guarantee that the woman who has a penis would decide to use it, so I would still be at risk at seeing a penis in a space where I felt secure not to have to be exposed. Or are you saying that it would then be allowable to say, “yes you may use this changeroom as a trans woman but only if you use a stall if you still have a penis” Wouldn’t that be met with even more backlash by the trans movement?

And with regard to the social space that you imply must be treated as a separate issue from a change room, consider as just one of many examples, a strict lesbian only bar. Many lesbians have expressed a concern with trans women entering their spaces, not because the penis is visible or existant, but because they often are harassed and have their spaces invaded by men who fetishize them for their sexual preferences. They seek out spaces to be social with only those who have potentially had shared experiences because they feel safer and trans women invading that space often leaves lesbian women feeling vulnerable, unheard, and lacking in a space for themselves because the experiences are starkly different.

And that is just one example, there are many many spaces women find to be amongst themselves because we need those social spaces where we can vent and relate and trans women who invade such spaces ignore and refuse to acknowledge the voice of the women who sought out that space. The container that once felt safe for shared experience is shattered.

To dismiss my voice simply because of a lack of direct quotations, when everything I put forth can be easily found, is again silencing a woman’s experience and is deplorable. We cannot simply silence cis women who dare to cling to their already fragile rights and needs. We can make space for both trans women and cis women, but only if we actually allow both sides to express themselves and acknowledge that the cis woman’s voice and needs being expressed is not a silencing of the trans woman, it is a woman trying to be heard in world already so insistent on her silence.

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