eI was scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up.

This is the thing.

I know what I want.

I want to inspire YOU to be bolder, braver than ever before.

I want to make YOU realise that you ARE 100% and without fail good enough to create MASSIVE success when it comes to your dream business. Not just a little. LOTS.

I want to help you go right back to your soul cravings and actually keep saying yes to them rather than shoulding all over yourself.

I want you to get to do what you love. And work with people you adore. And spend time doing ONLY what you love.

And I want to push you to take those big bold risks you’re afraid to take.

But this is what I also know.

Just because you want something.

Doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

Well how is that possible?

Well you have to OWN that you’re going to create it.

You have to OWN that you’re good enough to receive it.

And you have to actually take those scary ass leaps and make it happen.

And that’s where it gets scary…

Because those leaps…

Whether it’s speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Or investing in a high level program.

Or speaking out loud what you’re thinking inside.

Or being really vulnerably yourself and sharing what’s on your heart.

Or owning your ABILITY to deliver results.

Those are scary.

And so we back away.

We listen to the shoulds in our head.

I “should” work with her because it makes sense for now.

I “should” wait until I have a bigger audience to launch that.

I “shouldn’t” talk to that girl because she’s doing way better than I am.

I “should” just be responsible, reasonable, and wait.

And yet, your heart freaking knows what it wants.

IT KNOWS what the next step is.

But it’s about plunging without seeing the net on the other side.

And that.

Well that’s what’s scary.

Because you wonder…

Will I be able to keep up with this level of conviction?

Will I be able to keep up with this life on my terms?

What will those around me think of me when I truly commit to this new dream and business in a NEW way?

What will I do if I go all in? What will people think of me? Will I be judged?

Will I be able to keep up with the momentum?

I was scared of that.

I was scared that if I owned it.

Claimed my power.

Trusted my instincts.



Threw myself.

And fully committed to go all in.

That somehow I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.

What if all of a sudden I didn’t have the energy?

What if all of a sudden I lost my steam or my confidence?

What if for some reason I couldn’t deliver?

And what’s funny.

Is that writing that down now.

I know that it’s always a simple choice.

A simple step.

To DECIDE that you’re freaking good enough.

Every single day.

And so my point with all of this.

Is that I was afraid.

But then I realised wow, I’m letting my fears actually stop me.

I always used to think it’s not true what they say that “I’m the only person in the way of my success”.

I used to think : NO THAT’S NOT TRUE.

But it was.

But in my fog. And in my lack of decision making. And the lack of commitment I’d made to my success, I couldn’t see that I WAS in the way.

And that if I STEPPED UP, owned my power, my strength, my resilience, my energy, my intensity, my truth that ultimately everything would change.

So this is my message to you.

STOP freaking ignoring the fact that YOU are in the way of you.




But ultimately no one is going to decide that for you.

That first decision HAS to come from you.

And then?

Then that’s where I come in.

I want to invite you to attend UNLEASHED NYC.

This is going to be the most transformational event you’ve ever attended.

It will make you squirm when you realise you’ve made a NEW decision to commit to who you are BECOMING.

You will actually finally commit for the LONG TERM to being a leader in your industry.

To knowing and trusting that you and only you are capable of this calling. Your mission.

And that ultimately no one else had that same vision.

Yours is unique.

The way your cravings roll around in your heart.

Is yours.

And only yours.

And I’m here to say that it’s time for you to CLAIM that.

UNLEASH it to the world.

And step up.

Because we need you in the world.

Why the hell do you think you’re here?

Just to sit around and not make the HUGE impact you were to called to make?

Of course not.

You deserve this.

You ARE good enough.

And you CAN do this.

It’ll take a decision.


And then I’ll be your rock.

And hold you to that bar you’ve set yourself.

For the next level in your business and life and vision.

It’s time. Join us HERE on June 3rd & June 4th in New York City.


2 days in person. Adrenaline. Exhilaration. Intensity. Fun. Full on deep dive internal work. You will DEFINITELY not leave the same as before.

I’m ready. ARE YOU?