What I discovered about our candidates.

Being a young voter during this time is very difficult, especially as an independent. I honestly have no idea who I would vote for, if I was voting. The election this year brought up many controversies, and the people who were and continue to be at the center of them, are the now the two main candidates, Trump and Clinton. Both of them have been causing problems for themselves ad their supporters ever since entering the election. You would’ve thought that by now, one would have dropped out of the race with all the problems, but sadly it has not happened. Because of all the mischievous deeds that each candidate has committed during the election, I find it hard to support either of the candidates; this is why I am not voting.

I’m never able to explain why I am not voting in this election because every time I tell someone they badger me with questions and tell me how horrible of an American I am. Voting for either of them is like choosing between crack or heroine, both are going to affect me in negative ways and both could kill me if I had too much. With Trump, he has a big mouth. He’s going to end up starting World War III or end up getting our country attacked. Trump doesn’t understand that bombing a bunch of countries where terrorism occurs, is fixing the problem of it. His foreign policies are insane and he is without a doubt racist. Trump is on his way to being America’s Hitler, and if he were to win this election we would almost automatically enter a war, soon after his plan to bomb the middle east was accomplished. With Clinton, she lied about emails. If she can lie about something so small what else can she withhold from the country. Clinton is also very back and forth with her position on many things. She is known for changing her stance on gay marriage multiple times and she is known to vote for a bill and then later oppose it when she sees the outcome.

Voting for wither of these people is hurting the country. I am proud to be a Hispanic female who has the right to vote, but why would I ever exercise that right if I know that no mater which way I vote, I am affecting the country in a negative way. Its like being both the bully and the bystander, both cause harm. I want to be the person that stands up and says that this isn’t right. If I vote for one or the other, I am choosing to support either person’s future actions and that is something that I will not allow myself to do.