Roy Cooper

The state governor of North Carolina is Roy Cooper. He was the son of a schoolteacher, and was born in Nash County, North Carolina. He attended UNC Chapel Hill with a Morehead Scholarship. He later went on to earn a law degree at UNC.

After college, Cooper practiced law in his hometown, served in his church, and tutored students in local school. In 2000, he was elected Attorney General of North Carolina, until he was elected governor. Roy Cooper has historically been a Democrat, specifically in the party: North Carolina Democratic Party.

Cooper puts heavy emphasis on education, and believes teachers should earn more and schools should have less funding cut. He also aims to increase wages for the working class, and aid small businesses in North Carolina. One way he wants to help small businesses is by regulating reviews that small businesses must comply with to stay open. This would make it less of a burden for these businesses to obey the law and still grow.

Cooper also wants to make healthcare available to everyone at a fairly reasonable price. To do this, he wants to expand Medicaid, while still supporting the health providers already established in North Carolina. Cooper has also made a large stand for the environment, advocating for pollution solutions while he was the Attorney General, and he continues to do so. One way he did this was by supporting the North Carolina Clean Smokestacks Act, which helped limit pollution in the mountains. He also is passionate about finishing the coal ash cleanup, and providing clean water to all North Carolina residents.

He also wants to make voting simpler and more accessible to North Carolina residents by allowing online registration, and rolling back voter ID and pass laws to encourage citizens to vote. He also wants to re-instate same-day voter registration, as well.

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