The Journey of Launching Freedom At The Mat Online

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Freedom At The Mat Creator, Olivia F. Scott (ME!); March 2020

Quarantine was thrust upon us all. At the beginning of the COVID-19 onset pandemic, I was extremely busy with work, and exercise (even created a routine that included 3x weekly bike rides, and 3–4x weekly yoga (to offset the snacks)).

Then the dust settled.

I was stuck — with me. As a single woman, I had the privilege of looking at me, inside and outside daily. And with time, I began to see this as an opportunity, and accepted the invitation to grow.

Like many creatives, I shifted energy into creation mode. We were able to create in a space where there was no limit on time or creativity. So, although I was still teaching at NYU and managing marketing for Omerge Alliances’ clients, I began to lean into my yoga practice more and more as an escape. …

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With the live events industry going bust during the COVID-19 global pandemic, many industry professionals have wondered HOW to take their experiences live. As a 25-year marketer, producing live events (concerts, trade show events, custom and sponsor events) since 1996, designing virtual events at this time felt easy and intuitive as it was always about the customer and the core experience. Here are 4 quick pieces of planning advice I’ve found helpful in making the pivot.

Why making time & space to cultivate your mental & emotional wellness matters

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My sister & I

Today is my sister’s birthday. She died on February 11, 2019.

As a sister, you are kinda obligated NOT to air out your sister’s dirty laundry. You know — out of respect for your sibling and family pride. However, as I reflect upon her life, I’d like to share pieces of her story that I think she, being open hearted and very generous, may be ok with others knowing if it would help someone.

Sherilyn “Bootsie” Joyce Scott was a spirited, fiesty, fun, smart and very pretty girl in North Memphis (Tennessee). A high school majorette with legs for days in a 2–parent household, she even got a car at age 16 (pretty cool for a black girl in the 1960s) and was quite the desire of the many boys. …


Olivia F. Scott

Founder, Omerge Alliances. Creator, Freedom At The Mat. Marketing Strategist & Educator (NYU). Mizzou Journalism & Gonzaga University Grad.

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