Limitless Ideas

Danny Brown and Alex Wood from Atomic came to give us a talk at Ad School, and show us a bit of their work. I totally loved the work they did for the i Newspaper, and I really liked their style, so I thought I’d fill you in with a few things that I took from the afternoon.

Firstly, It was really good to hear from Alex, who is the copywriter of the team. As time is going on, and my realization for the fact that I am defiantly a copywriter continues, I am more and more inspired by good copywriters; hearing how he studied English and then found that ad was a perfect way to combine writing and creativity into one job is really inspiring to me as its definitely the way I feel and how I found ad in the first place.
 It’s also really great to see some strong copy lead ads- I seriously want to start looking more into ads like this, to me, if they’re good, they are some of the work that stands out the most. Great stuff.

They were also relaying what we’ve been told countless times- make sure the brand of the product isn’t just a tag on. The campaign shouldn’t be able to have the brand changed to anything similar, it needs to be specific enough to make sure it’s exactly for that product and brand. Since the talk we’ve been asking ourselves this with every piece of work we do, and it’s proving a really important part of creating a strong, unique ad.

Another thing their visit got me thinking about is tone of voice. Unloved brands don’t really have a tone of voice, so this is a good place to start for brands to put in our book. Successful work has an identifiable tone, and learning what style to do a campaign in is key to connecting with the audience. I’m going to try and do some writing from different viewpoints to explore various tones of voice, and hopefully that’ll help me to learn this skill more.

“Ideas are like a limitless resource”.
 Danny and Alex were talking about ideas and one of them came out with this, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so true, but been so naïve to it. Ideas really are limitless. You can constantly come up with them and continue to churn them out, no matter how weird and outrageous or rubbish and boring, ideas are limitless and we shouldn’t settle for an idea until we’ve explored deeply and thoroughly into our brains and a brand. Constantly hunt for insights, and constantly create ideas.

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