Spell it wright

Okay so I know I spelt that one wrong. But usually, I am totally and un-blissfully unaware.
So hi, my name is Liv and I want to be a copy writer. Oh and by the way- I’m dyslexic. 
 But wait, what? You want to write copy even though you can’t spell copy?Will anyone ever hire you?

And you know what, forever my lack of spelling skills has pushed me back in my development with the English language. From being put in set 5 when I started high school to nearly failing my AS Level English because of the lack of support I had for my spelling, it is always presumed that if you can’t spell, you’re never going to be good at English.

But I cannot tell you how I really reallyyyyyy wanted to be good at English. I loved listening to stories when I was younger and then started to love to read and write them myself. So I forced my Dad to go into school and he fought for me to be upped a set in high school, I came out with an A* in GCSE English. Then, after getting a low C in AS level and having it advised to me that I drop it, I pushed to get extra time that I needed to work out my spelling and left Sixth Form with an A in English Lit/ Lang. 
 So is it possible? Can I actually be a copy even though I had to auto correct the word ‘presumed’ ?

I don’t really know who the audience for this post is, I guess I should make it for the people who struggle with something at the moment.
You have to just figure out exactly what it is that’s holding you back, and then eliminate it, fix it, or find a way around it, and sooner or later, what people thought was impossible for you to do, is just an arm’s reach away.

With spelling out of the picture, my English suddenly got a lot better. And this can be taken to any areas in life and development; what’s holding you back? What can you do about it? If there’s something wrong and you’re not sure what it is, it’s probably that there’s something holding you back, and the sooner you identify that and figure out a solution for it, the sooner you can realize that without the obstacle, you could do alright.

So yes, I’m dyslexic, and yes, I will be a copy writer. (Please please someone someday hire me as a creative)

So today I found out that I’ve got the job as an editor of a newspaper- very exciting stuff. It only comes out every three weeks or so, so isn’t too demanding, and the best thing about it is that it will force me to actually write. I’ll have no other choice than to practice every week, which really is what I need- so let’s just hope my lack of good spelling doesn’t seriously embarrass me. 
Not quite sure I’ve actually got enough time for it, but I’m just going to have to make time for it; and if I want to be a copy writer I need to learn to write well, so now is the time to learn. I’m actually really excited for it eeekkkkk; and let’s hope by the end of the year I’ve been able to think of a few other things to write about other than myself.

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