The repercussions of the situation I have found myself in over the last two years have left me at Bucks Ad School, half way through year 2, totally in love with creative advertising but constantly feeling like I’m not quite doing enough. 
 I need to be doing scamps every day, I need to be writing every day, I need to be reading campaign, drawing, tweeting, googling and exploring every day. I need to be absorbing creativity every day, I need to be working hard with different art directors every week, I need to be building a great book, writing my essays, getting book crits, I need to be applying myself to D&AD, I need to be harnessing this time and excelling to be the best of what I want to be.
 Now don’t get me wrong, I am- I’m doing it- see I’m writing this aren’t I? But it’s just not happening quick enough, I need to use my time better. I need to really work on Ad to get myself to the standard I want to be. And this is the first step. The first post- now one of these will come every week- and I will go and buy a big fat pad of paper and 10 scamps will happen every single day.