Introducing VINA

So, I’ve been silent since my first blog back in December, and I have to confess — I’m not much of a blogger! I hate pausing from doing things to write about them; I’d way rather be building. Good thing for an entrepreneur, right?

In early March, I zeroed in on what I’m working on, and I brought on an amazing co-founder to pursue our shared vision of empowering women around the world through technology. Her name is Jen, she’s a crazy awesome full-stack developer, a former colleague from General Assembly, and an all around awesome person. She’s the yin to my yang and we’re going to change the world together. :)

Anyway, read on to learn about what we’re building.


VINA is our lovely little company. Our mission is to build technology products to connect, celebrate, and empower women.

We’re starting with 2 products, the first is a website that helps women share and celebrate their achievements,, launching today. The second is a mobile app that helps women find new platonic female friends, hey! VINA, launching private beta in October 2015.

Women are significantly less likely to talk about their achievements than men, and there are a lot of research studies to prove it. When we (women) do talk about our achievements, it usually includes a diminutive language and/or a self-deprecating sentiment prior to saying what it is that we achieved. This is bad for self-esteem, and even worse for our careers!

The good news is this behavior pattern can be changed, as noted in a Montana State University study that shows interventions can help women to start bragging more noting that, “Basically, people in authority positions need to put in place practices that make it feel normal for women to promote their accomplishments.”

So we present, a platform for women to share their accomplishments with pride, and a place for everyone (including men!) to cheer them on.

Three years ago, a group of girlfriends and I sat around a picnic table at Hog Island Oysters and chatted about a research article describing how lack of bragging was likely hurting our careers over a monster-size platter of oysters and a few bottles of champagne. We decided to go around the table and brag, not #humblebrag, but really OWN the amazing things we’ve accomplished, then cheers to one another. And, that’s where #ladybrag was born. We instituted the Lady Brag ritual immediately in our monthly women’s networking group, Ladies Who Vino, and pushed it far and wide.

We’re thrilled to launch as a global platform for women to start bragging, and more so, make it a cultural norm for women to talk about their achievements — big and small!

Join us, today. Share your #ladybrags, and celebrate all the women who are sharing theirs.


It’s hard to make friends as an adult woman, and there are a million reasons we need them at various times. We don’t have the structured social environment that we did in school, and we’re too mature to make “default” friends. So we’re building, Hey! VINA.

Hey! VINA is a mobile app that helps women find new platonic female friends. We make new friend recommendations for you based on location, interests, life stage, mutual friends, and personality.

Using Hey! VINA women can easily tap into the power of their extended network to make new offline connections when traveling, moving to a new city, transitioning life phases, or simply want to grow their network.

Signup to join our private beta here: