#LadyBrag 101

What is a lady brag? How do you lady brag? Why should you lady brag? And all that stuff…

Lady brag- noun: an unashamed boast of female accomplishment; verb: to share female accomplishments with pride

A lady brag occurs anytime a woman owns her achievements and shares them with pride. Nothing is too big or too small to be considered a lady brag, as long as it’s shared and (hopefully) celebrated.

Brushed your hair? Great! Got a promotion? Hooray! Ate healthy today? Well done! Stood up for yourself? Woo hoo! Lent a helping hand? Nice! Traveled to space? Amazing! Pursuing your passions? Awesome!

… get the picture?

Why is lady bragging even a thing?

Women don’t brag as much as men, and it’s hurting us, ladies! We’re missing out on big life opportunities because people don’t know how awesome you are, and it’s our own fault.

It seems there’s always a new research study to remind us that women are significantly less likely to talk about their achievements, that women lowball their own expertise, and even their IQ scores, relative to men.

The good news is this behavior pattern can be changed, as noted in a Montana State University study that shows interventions can help women to start bragging more noting that, “Basically, people in authority positions need to put in place practices that make it feel normal for women to promote their accomplishments.”

So think of this as your intervention, and get out there and share your lady brag. Make it a daily practice, and cheer on other women who are bragging, too!

The quick guide on how to lady brag:

It all comes down to 2 simple steps:

  1. Note something awesome you did — no achievement too small.
  2. Post it on ladybrag.com, share it across your various digital profiles, and and tell someone about it.

3 important rules of lady bragging:

  1. No comparing your lady brag to others, this is about your great thing not anybody else’s.
  2. No negative self-talk or self-deprecating in your lady brag, you are amazing don’t deny it or qualify it.
  3. No bragging on behalf of other people, this is about owning your accomplishments.

About VINA

VINA is a tech startup that makes products to connect, celebrate, and empower women. LadyBrag.com is our first product, coming Winter 2015 is Hey! VINA, a social networking app for women seeking new friends, business connections, or simply expanding their network.