Quality Results In Quality

This week I took time, as usual, to observe families in Reggio. I was watching one family in particular at a bar. Two moms had met up to talk, each bringing their children. The children looked all under the age of about 10 and for the most part they stayed off of technology and entertained themselves while their mothers socialized, until one of the younger girls started to misbehave. Instead of disciplining her or trying to understand what was going on and why, she was given an iPhone which quickly placated her.

This started me thinking about how technology has become not only a tool used to entertain children when parents don’t have the time or energy but it has also become something used in place of discipline. Have parents also become lazy in terms of discipline?

This can be detrimental to children in a number of ways. It can hinder their coping abilities, as well as further their addiction to technology. Now they will not only want it for their free time but crave it when put in a stressful situation. It hinders a child’s relationship with their parent. Discipline is just one necessary interaction between parent and child, it encourages bonding, and is necessary to a child’s emotional safety. Discipline teaches children how to act, problem solve, and self-regulate, it also shows a specific kind of respect to the child. It shows the child that their parent cares about them and their wellbeing, they respect them as an individual and actively want what is best with them. Without that feeling of safety and respect children cannot learn how to return that and can learn to feel unsafe even with those who love them most.

I encourage parents to take the extra energy and time to work through problems, no matter how medial they may seem, instead of turning to technology. It will better their relationships and be much more gratifying and rewarding as their child grows into a strong, confident, and mindful adult in society!