Topic Proposal Rough Draft Post #1

Assisted suicide is legal in five U.S. states. This act gives individuals who are effected by an incurable disease, the right to to end their life by taking a lethal drug provided by a doctor. Assisted suicide has always been a controversial topic to discuss. Many might think that an issue as deep as this should not be discussed or argued but it is such an important topic to bring up because it deals directly with peoples lives and whether or not they choose to live it.

This topic can effect all different groups of people no matter their race, gender or age. I believe that many people still need to understand that assisted suicide is only an option for those who have a deadly illness that can not be cured. Also, it is important for everyone to know that these people who are suffering from these life-threatening diseases have often been fighting this battle and been in pain for a long amount of time. Assisted suicide is a way for victims to finally be at peace. This is crucial to keep in mind while thinking or reading about assisted suicide because it is one of the main reasons some agree that it should be legal.

I first became interested in this topic when I had seen an article online talking about assisted suicide. Although the topic is very touchy and deep to discuss, it interested me because I didn’t have one specific opinion yet about the subject. I like to gain more information about controversial topics going on in the world because it is all stuff that could possibly effect me or someone I know one day. I also think that it is important to understand things such as assisted suicide and gain opinions about it so you can grow as a person and as a citizen. I am not majoring in any medical/forensic field; however, researching, writing and learning more about assisted suicide overall will help me gain better knowledge about what is going on in our world today. I’m extremely open minded about this topic because I have not done much research about assisted suicide and still need to research more in order to gain a complete understanding. I am excited to be going into this writing assignment with no specific point of view yet. I would like to gain more information about the history of assisted suicide and other states point of views. I am a little nervous about the sensitivity level of the topic but also excited to learn and educate people about something they might not have known about before since assisted suicide doesn’t get talked about as much.

“California Judge Rejects Request to Suspend Assisted Suicide Law” by the Associated Press talks about the assisted suicide law that “allows terminally ill adults to obtain a prescription for life-ending medication if a doctor has determined they have no more than six months to live.” This article brings up the argument that without this law, many people will suffer a long, painful death. Another article by Reuters talks about a California Judge who has refused to suspend a law which allows physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. This article also provides a lot of great information about assisted suicide and how it is determined whether or not someone qualifies for this medicine. Overall, I found a good amount of credible sources with information about this topic and am excited to learn more.

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