For a moment she caught herself wondering why she was going through the same motions that she swore she wasn’t going to follow last year. She wasn’t gonna let cruel evil that surrounds this world affect her decision and the choices that she made so irresponsibly last year. She wasn’t going to let her followers and the one’s she used to rely on the most make her decisions for her. She was gonna be strong, wise, beautiful and everything that the wise one’s told her to focus on. So she took another pill to stabilize her mind and her body. She put on the canvas that covered up her true beauty so she can satisfy those who she chose to defy her for someone who she wasn’t. Why is that?, she asked her self? Why is it that we rely so much on the opinions of others? We choose to allow ourselves be influenced in someone who has no idea the person that they are actually trying to influence? They don’t know the daily life and the rituals that she went through. When did she forget to speak? Has she lost her voice or maybe she forgot that it was there? Why is it that we have to be labeled by so many adjectives? Why do we use the words fat, ugly, or never enough? Where did her confidence go? Maybe it was because of her trying to please everyone she lost herself in the process. When did our life become their lives? We are the ones in control of the life we choose to live. We are the ones who choose to make those choices we make and no one else. Life is not as pretty as they show on the television. Sometimes we make a lot of bad decisions and with those decisions come consequences, but we cant blame anyone else but ourselves. So maybe instead of letting society decide what we choose to do why dont we choose what we do.

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